Advantages of Installing Solar Roof Panels

Solar roof panels can provide many advantages to your home, while being silent and out of the way. Whether photovoltaics or solar water heating, solar panels collect sunlight even with cloud cover, they provide ample savings in most areas, and they have slim to no maintenance. Though the initial cost may seem a bit high, with state and governmental programs, the cost is lessened. In many ways, solar panels are an easy, green option for large savings.

Lower Electric Bills

Solar panels are usually "grid tied" meaning your house is still attached to the electric company. The electricity to your house all comes from the electric company just as it always has, regardless of the panels. There is never the worry that you need collect enough power for the house with your panels. The panels help you because while they harness energy, your meter runs backwards.  This backward turning credits your account with cash, and lowers your energy bill from the electric company. If you harness more energy than you use, you are making energy for the electric company and your account balance is credited forward for next month. In this way, your solar panels not only help you, but they provide clean energy for the entire community.

Unused Space

The rooftops of most homes are not a premium space. In fact, most are completely unused spaces, which could greatly improve the profitability, resale value, and ecological footprint of your household, if solar panels were installed. By installing solar panels, the unused household space begins to work for the homeowners in a positive way. The panels come with special mounting hardware, that secures them to the roof without damaging the structure.

State and Government Subsidy

Currently, there are many state and government programs, designed to lower the costs of solar panels and solar hot water heaters, through tax breaks, tax credits and reimbursement programs. These programs are designed to make solar power a more affordable option for the average homeowner. Though the initial output seems like a high price, with subsidies, it can often be significantly lower. The panels never need to be replaced, and are easily maintained, so you begin recouping your investment immediately.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels are now designed with highly dense, impact resistant plastics, which are can withstand large amounts of damage. They merely require cleaning every couple of months, to keep the array collecting the maximum amount of energy possible. A slight washing with dish soap and water is all that is needed.

Environmentally Friendly

In many ways, being environmentally friendly has come to be synonymous with sacrifice. You need to give up your car and ride your bike. You need to use cloth grocery bags and rewash plastic sandwich bags. You need to eat less meat. You need to use less water. The list goes on and on. Solar panels give you the freedom to live your life in the exact same manner, while still being environmentally conscious. You do not have to stop or sacrifice, the solar panels silently do that for you all day long.