Advantages of Laminate Tile Flooring

wood-look laminate tile

There are many different materials you can choose to install on your floor and laminate tile flooring is one of the options. Throughout the years, the laminate material created for use has become more durable and easier to clean. It can be installed much easier than other forms of tiling and is inexpensive compared to other types of flooring. There are many benefits to laminate tile flooring and these are just a few.

1. Easy to Clean

Because laminate tile lays flat on the ground and does not have any grooves, it is easier to sweep and mop over than other types of tile. Most laminate tile also has a smooth texture so that dirt and spills will not be able to stick easily. That being said, it is important to keep your floor clean as dirt buildup could become difficult to clean up.

2. Durable

Laminate tile is created out of a durable material that will not crack or break under pressure or by dropping a hard object. Glass or clay tile can break easily if a hard object hits it. With laminate flooring, you will not need to worry about replacing individual pieces.

3. Affordable

Because most laminate flooring is manufactured in thin sheets, it is much more affordable to purchase than tiles that needed to be individually cut and squared. Since it is more affordable, you are able to cover more floor for a lower price and you can replace it if your style changes without worrying about the extra cost.

4. Easy to Install

flooring samples

Because it is installed without glue or other types of adhesive and by using a tongue-and-groove locking system, laminate tile is easy to install and can even be done yourself. Of course, if you choose to hire someone to do the process for you, you will have moderate charges.

If you live in a wet climate or are installing the tile in a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room, it is important to make sure that you install the laminate very carefully and that all of the seams are sealed. This way pooled liquid will not seep through the cracks and cause floor damage.

5. Easy to Pick Up

If you ever decide to un-install your laminate flooring, it is relatively easy to pick up the pieces and start with a new flooring system. This is due to the fact that there is no adhesive used and therefore, the laminate should not be sticking to the flooring.

6. Options

Though there may not be as many styles to choose from than other tile materials, laminate tiles are becoming available in more and more styles and colors. Because of this, you will be able to select flooring that will go well with the rest of your surroundings, such as furniture, art, and decorations.

In fact, if you would like to have the look of a wood floor without the expense of installing one, there are several wood-styles of laminate flooring available.