Advantages of Low-Voltage Landscape Lights

landscape lights outside a cozy lakehouse

Low-voltage landscape lights are ideal for lighting up your garden at night without spending too much on your electricity bills. It is powered by a transformer that can be attached to normal outdoor receptacles. Below are the benefits of low voltage lighting system.


Low-voltage landscape lights, when properly positioned and installed, enhance your landscape during night time without the dangers associated with line voltage lighting systems such as short circuits that are the common causes of home fires. A low-voltage landscape lighting system is also not a potential shock hazard since it is especially designed to operate in moist and wet areas.


Low-voltage landscape lights use 12-volt current unlike line voltage lighting system, which uses 120-volt current. This means that low-voltage landscape lights consume only 10 percent of what line voltage lighting system consumes.

Easy to Install

Installing low-voltage landscape lights is easier compared to installing line voltage lighting system. All you have to do is insert the bulb, put on the cover, and attach the insulated clamp into a power cable. The low voltage power also enables you to install additional lights without shutting off your circuit breaker. Most low-voltage landscape lights can be installed without the aid of a certified electrician.