Advantages of Magnetized Shower Curtain Liners

When shopping for shower curtain liners, you may want to consider the advantages of using one that is magnetized. It is well worth spending the few extra dollars to buy one of these handy little helpers. Discussed here is the basic liner made of a thin sheet of plastic with holes near the top for hanging and small magnets sewn in near the bottom edge.

Keeping the Bathroom Safe

The most important thing that magnetized shower curtain liners do for the bathroom is to make it a much safer area to be in. With all of the hard surfaces like tile and porcelain to contend with in relatively small area, compounded by soapy and slick surfaces, it is a wonder that anyone makes it out of there alive. Use a curtain liner which sticks to the inside of the tub and many slip and fall accidents can be averted since the floor remains dry.

Keeping the Bathroom Clean

Even though water that is splashed out of the tub is only near the outside edge, the steamy mist that escapes from behind the curtain invades the crevices all around the room. Magnetized shower curtain liners help seal the leaks that are created when a person moves around while they shower. If a bathroom stays dry, mold and mildew have a harder a time growing. That means less time cleaning.