Advantages of Not Using Granite Sealer

A granite sealer is a product in the market that is used to make the surface of the granite look shiny and resistant or repellent to water, oil and other contaminants. However, granite in itself is non-porous and resistant to most contaminants. Unlike other types of material used in floors, countertops, and walls, granite is quite hard and not easily scratched. This makes it one of the most durable building materials ever used by mankind. When using granite, consider not using a granite sealer. Here are some advantages.

1. Saves a Lot of Money

Sealing granite can be quite a huge investment because it requires thousands of dollars in application and maintenance costs. Since not all homeowners can seal granite with accuracy and efficiency, sometimes, professionals need to do the job for them. This entails spending money on the service fee and cost of materials. In addition, the granite needs to be sealed periodically—every two years or so. When the granite sealer becomes dull, it has to be rebuffed, which again costs a lot of money.

2. Reduces the Risk of Damage

Applying a granite sealer may sometimes become a disaster because it may cause moisture to damage the stone. When moisture is trapped inside the granite, the sealer will not allow the moisture to escape, thus adding potential damage to it. Trapped moisture is like a time bomb; when the water is heated inside, it turns to vapor and the pressure build up can cause the granite to crack. However, not using granite sealer will ensure breathability of the material and therefore reduces the risk of damage.

3. Promotes Eco-friendliness

Granite sealers may contain harmful chemicals that are not only harsh for humans, but to the environment as well. Sealers may release toxic fumes in the air or cause irritation on the skin. Although unsealed granite may get stained by some contaminants, it is not a problem because there are green products and easily available materials that can clean the stain. In order to keep the environment and other people safe, it is best to leave the granite unsealed.

4. Preserves Natural Beauty

Granite does come in a variety of colors for every type of granite application. Since it has a natural color already, it does not need to be coated with anything to make it look better. Unlike concrete, granite is rich in a variety of hues. The problem with sealing is that it may cause discoloration or stains. To ensure that the granite preserves its natural color, it is recommended that it should not be sealed.

5. It Reduces Accident Risks

Since granite sealers may cause the granite to become too shiny and slippery, the surfaces may become hazardous. Reducing friction on the granite is a potential accident risk because people may slip when walking over it. Other materials may also easily slip over the granite and break. When deciding to use granite sealer, consider the above information first.