Advantages of Odorless Water Sealer

shower drain surrounded by wet tile
  • 1-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 10-100

If you have ever used water sealer, especially an oil based product, you will appreciate the advantages of odorless wood sealer. As a rule, latex wood sealers have little or no odor.

1. Interior Work

Oil based sealers generally have an extremely strong odor, which makes working indoors with them difficult and can actually make you sick if you can't ventilate the room well. Latex or water-based wood sealers are odorless so it’s a better choice for indoor sealing of things such as unglazed tile and brick floors and grout, wood trim, wood paneling, and walls. If you're using a sealer that has an odor, the task becomes much more arduous.

2. Exterior Work

Odorless water sealers are also good for exterior work for the same reasons as above. Even outdoors the odor from a sealant can be overwhelming plus it will attract bees and wasps. Wood decks, patio furniture, and fences all can be coated with this odorless sealer.

3. Safety

Since most sealers with an odor are oil based, they can also be flammable. Care should be used when applying in an area with open pilot lights. If you are a smoker, do night light a cigarette in the area while using. Be sure to read the label on any sealer container before using and follow manufacturer's guidelines.