Advantages of Pruning Your Pecan Tree

Pruning a pecan tree will help keep its natural growth under control and encourage more nuts to grow when they ripen during the second half of the fall season. The average height of a pecan tree is 70 feet tall, but 30 to 40 feet is an ideal height for the trees during their mature years.

Pruning the Pecan Tree

The best time to prune a pecan tree is during the winter season, after its last harvest. Use a pair of branch cutters to remove branches up to 2 inches in diamater and a saw to remove branches thicker than that.

Remove all dead branches before trimming the lower branches. Cut the branches at an angle. You can trim live branches, but avoid cutting them too close to the trunk of the tree. You can also remove narrow tree crotches so the branches do not get entwined with each other.

Sealing Live Branches

Once you have cut a live branch, seal the base with a latex paint to prevent it from dying or getting diseased.

Pecan Cultivation

Even though the tree itself may be pruned to a more manageable height, it will still yield a good sized crop of nuts for cooking and eating.