Advantages of Soapstone Tile Floors

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Soapstone tiles are steatite stones that are often used as a flooring material. Soapstone is naturally smooth to the touch and has been compared to the feeling you get when rubbing dry soap hence its name. Soapstone is made up of magnesite, talc, chlorite, and dolomite and is obtained through quarrying. Soapstone tiles come with several advantages that explain why they are widely used.


Soapstone tiles are durable and last longer compared to other flooring materials and this makes them a favorite among many users.

Aesthetic Value

Soapstone tiles have a distinctive look that makes any floor appear beautiful. They are available in natural white, dark gray, and other light shades that bring life and color to any floor.

Weather Friendly

Soapstone tiles are weather friendly in that they remain warm and comfortable to the feet even in cold climates. They also exhibit good heat retention through in-floor heating and this makes them ideal for cold climate areas.


Soapstone tiles require minimal maintenance which saves people money over time.


Soapstone tiles are ideal for floors since they do not get slippery and do not absorb water. This safety feature makes it an ideal floor surface in bathrooms and other spaces in the home.