Advantages of Stock Kitchen Cabinets Advantages of Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of types, including custom, semi-custom and stock kitchen cabinets. With the available choices for kitchen cabinetry, many remodelers often wonder what the advantages of choosing stock cabinets are.

Budget-Friendly Alternative

Stock cabinets offer a budget-friendly alternative to custom and semi-custom cabinetry, which can be very expensive. Because stock cabinets are mass produced in a factory, savings are passed on to the consumer, resulting in lower prices. Stock cabinetry can cost the consumer up to 75% less than custom cabinetry, for the same kitchen. 

Readily Accessible

Generally, stock cabinets will be ready to take home the same day that they are purchased from the store. Stock cabinetry can be found in home improvement stores, as well as building and remodeling catalogs. If the cabinets are not in stock at the store, an associate can order the cabinets and have them shipped quickly, due to the mass production within the factory. 

Simplified Remodeling

Because stock kitchen cabinets do not offer the variety of sizes, wood choices and door styles as their competitors, the possibilities are fairly capped. For individuals that wish to simplify the remodeling process, stock cabinets offer a favorable alternative to more complex custom cabinets. 

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