Advantages of Turbine Roof Vents

Turbine roof vents are some of the best ventilation devices around. There are a number of reasons why you may choose to install turbine roof vents into your attic space, rather than looking for attic fans or other kinds of pot-style vents.

Environmental Impact

These vents are of the variety known as passive ventilation systems. These mean that they are powered by the air itself, and because of this do not use electricity, or create carbon emissions. They are less noisy than most fan varieties, and they can do a good job of cooling the attic, which means that you will have less need to use AC units during hot weather. This all means that their environmental impact is low.


Turbines are able to move a lot of hot air from the attic. Even a small foot-long turbine can remove over 300 cubic feet of hot air in each minute, and one only a couple of inches larger can remove over 1,000 cubic feet. Even if there is no wind speed to drive the turbine, they still allow hot air to rise through the open flaps of the turbine.

Aluminum Turbine Roof Vents

These turbine vents are probably the best, as they are unlikely to rust, and will therefore last longer than other types of metal ventilation.