Advantages Of Using A Granular Insecticide

Granule insecticides are designed to kill ants, fleas, crickets, and other pests. These products are used outdoors only, and should not be used in buildings. Insecticide granules consist of a solid particle that is impregnated with insecticide. Dursban, Diazinon and Oftanol contain organophosphate materials. Organophosphate insecticides kill insects by disrupting their brains and nervous system. Newer insecticides such as Talstar, Over'n Out and Delta Gard contain synthetic or man-made pyrethrin materials. These newer chemicals are safer for people, pets and the environment than the older organophosphate insecticides.

Many people will purchase granular insecticides and use them to spot-treat individual ant beds or other pest. Best results are obtained by spreading the granules over the entire area where ants forage for food. The most effective way to apply the granules to your yard is to use a seeder, lawn spreader or or hand-held shaker. Once the granules have been spread out over the targeted areas, water should be applied in order to obtain the best results.

If the granules are not watered, the insecticide merely sits on the soil. Ants and other pest that contact the particles will be poisoned, but ants that walk between particles will not be affected. By watering the granules after application, the insecticide is released into the soil for maximum effect.

Finally, insecticide granules have a number of advantages; they are packaged and ready to use with no mixing required. Since the particles are large, you are less likely to ingest it while spreading it around. Finally, granules are an effective way to eliminate pest because the poison drops through the foliage to the ground below where the insects are.

Insecticide granule summary and advantages:

  • Granule insecticides are misused compared to most control products. Always read and follow directions for maximum effect and safety.
  • Distributing the granules over the entire area is more effective for ant control than dumping piles of granules on individual mounds.
  • Water the area immediately after application of the granules.
  • Keep people and pets off the treated area until the soil dries.
  • Since insecticide particles are large they are less likely to be accidently ingested upon application which makes it safe to use.
  • Easy to apply with a seeder, lawn spreader or hand-held shaker.
  • Granules are an effective pest-control product because the particles drop into the soil where the insects are located.