Advantages of Using Dowel Joints

Dowel joints are a technique used primarily in woodworking where 2 pieces of wood are attached by a wooden pin or dowel. In each piece of wood, a hole is carved where the dowel fits in. This way of attaching wood pieces is one you should think about the next time you are tackling a woodworking DIY project for the following reasons. 

No Need for Hardware

Dowel joints eliminate the need for nails, screws and staples. This not only removes the potential injuries that come with working with hardware but also can give your project a more finished look as there will be no nails interrupting the wood's grain pattern. 


Because the pin runs inside the wood, the joint is very strong, much stronger than using nails or glue to attach the wood. 

Easy Assembly

Once you decide how big you want your dowel, all you have to do is hollow out the holes that the pin will go in, slide the pin in one piece of wood and then attach the other. It's that simple! 


Dowel joints are primarily used in simple flat or right angle joints but can be adapted to more complex joints. Dowel joints can also be used in metal work as well as concrete construction.