Advantages of Using Marine Plywood

Marine plywood is a special type of plywood that is commonly used in marine applications such as boat building. It is made from select grades of wood of the highest quality. Using this type of plywood can provide you with a number of unique benefits. Consider the following advantages of using marine plywood to decide if it is right for your application.

1. Water Resistant

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using marine plywood is that it can deal with moisture. Most types of wood do not handle wet conditions very well. Water will get into the core of the wood, which will make it expand. This often leads to the wood rotting and it can lower the integrity of the structure.

With marine plywood, this is not the case. This type of wood has a special glue layer on the outside that is designed to keep moisture out of the surface of the wood. It has no gaps in it, which means that moisture can not find its way in. This is ideal if you are going to be building something that will regularly be subjected to water or moisture. This is why it is commonly used when making boats.

2. Pliable

Another big advantage of marine plywood is that it is highly pliable. This type of wood can be bent and still maintain its structural integrity, not automatically snap or crack like a lot of the other types of plywood will. This is another reason that it is frequently used in boats, and it widens its range of applications

3. Impact Resistance

Marine plywood also offers superior impact resistance. The outside layer of the plywood is extremely hard and dense. This means that if you drop something on it or something runs into it, it will not necessarily dent or break. This makes it an ideal choice for projects that will undergo a lot of regular wear and tear. You do not have to worry about replacing the plywood a few years down the line. It should be able to stand up to a lot of abuse without many issues. 

4. Surface Finish

With this type of plywood, you will also get superior surface finish characteristics. Many plywoods can not be finished smoothly, which could make it too rough for some types of project. With marine plywood, you can get a very smooth finish that is soft to the touch. Not only will you have to worry about splintering when you build with it, but you can also paint or stain it to create any look that you want to go for. The design options with this type of plywood surface are virtually limitless.