Advantages to Ceramic Tile Floors in Commercial Buildings

Ceramic tile floors are ideal as a flooring choice for home or office. The advantages of having ceramic tiles for commercial business are significant.


Ceramic tile is known for its outstanding durability. If tiles are installed properly, they can withstand a great deal of heavy traffic use and will outlast most other flooring materials; with the exception of wooden flooring, which ceramic tiling is on par with. Because of the durability factor, there will be little or no expense involved in future replacement costs.


In a commercial enterprise where moisture might be a problem, ceramic tiles are exceptional because they can withstand moisture, both to the tiles and the sub-flooring. Ceramic tile can be slippery though when wet, therefore, when choosing a ceramic tile for an area that might be vulnerable to moisture, choose textured tiles which will allow better traction to prevent slips or falls.  If purchasing ceramic tiles for use in an area that may have water tracked onto the tiling, it would also be a good idea to place mats to safeguard against slipping.


Ceramic tile is easy to maintain and can therefor often reduce facility maintenance costs.