Advantages To Planting A Purple Aster

Purple asters are a wonderful addition to any garden in need of color at the end of summer. These beautiful plants grow steadily through the spring and burst into bright, stunning blooms toward late summer, when most other perennials have passed their peak for the season. Purple asters have a frost-proof bloom, continuing even into the middle of fall.

Purple Asters Are Widely Available

Purple asters are perennials, continuing to return and spread every year. If you are lucky enough to know someone who has purple asters, you might be able to divide their mature plants and take some for free. This process of dividing is good for the plants and helps keep them vibrant. Wild purple asters are also available, especially in the midwestern or eastern United States.

Purple Asters Are Uniquely Aesthetic

Because they naturally grow in the wild, purple asters make wonderful additions to landscape areas with a wildflower theme. Gardeners and landscapers like purple asters because they attract butterflies, instantly drawing additional beauty to their location. Purple asters are also good for brightening up indoor areas, since they make good cutting flowers and are also suitable for container planting.