Advantages To Planting Dahlias In Your Yard

With so many choices of flowering plants, you may have difficulty each spring deciding what to plant. The beautiful dahlia will make a fabulous addition to your garden or yard for a number of reasons.

The Dahlia is a Perennial

Planting a dahlia can save you time and money, since it will revisit your yard every spring. Planting is done in late spring, and the dahlia will flourish until the first frost. If you live in a climate that is warm all winter long (USDA zone 8 or up), your dahlia will re-bloom every year without re-planting. If you live in a colder climate, you should dig up your dahlia's tubers (the underground stem, or root), and store them in a dark, cool, place. This will keep them ready until the following spring, when they can be replanted.

The Dahia Offers Plenty of Variety and Options

The dahlia, originally found in Latin America, has 30 different species and thousands of hybrid varieties. The blooms vary from 2 inches to the size of a dinner plate (buy the dinner-plate variety), You can choose a small plant only one foot tall for growing in a pot, or if you want to provide a barrier between yourself and a noisy neighbor, choose a variety that grows up to 8 foot tall. Besides varying in size, the dahlia comes in many colors and combinations of colors. 

The Dahlia Belongs to an American Society

The dahlia is a highly esteemed and popular plant. The American Dahlia Society boast thousands of members and local chapters in many US states. If you become a grower of the dahlia, you can belong to a community of dahlia-lovers, if you so choose. Membership provides new fans and growers of the dahlia with support and various resources. 

The Dahlia has Allergy-Free Versions

If you want to grow a beautiful bouquet for a bride with allergies, check out the formal double varieties that have been hybridized so often that the parts that create pollen warp into petals, creating a beautiful flower full of petals without the sneezing and crying. Most dahlias are not allergy-free, so take care that you buy the correct variety if you have allergies.

The Dahlia Thrives After Cutting

Not only does the dahlia provide beautiful blooms to appreciate while strolling through your yard. It's known for being a great cut flower as well.  If cared for properly, the dahlia may flourish for up to a week. For the best results, cut when the flower is fully open. Keep in a vase with cool, clean water, and trim the leaves that fall below the water. 

The Dahlia is a Late Bloomer

After many plant's flowers have faded and fallen to the ground, the dahlia's blooms are still many and brilliant. Generally, blooming begins around July and lasts until the first frost. Planting dahlias will keep your yard colorful and summery even in the autumn months.