Advantages to Reusing old Marble Floor Tiles

Marble floor tiles are some of the most beautiful and durable flooring materials. Most these tiles last for several years even when subjected to heavy traffic and harsh environment. When remodeling your home, you should never throw away your used marble floor tiles. Instead, reuse these materials to save money and at the same time help protect the environment.


Big savings is one of the primary reasons why you should reuse old marble flooring tiles. Compared to other types of flooring materials, marble can be quite expensive, and throwing these tiles away is like dumping money into the landfill.

Environmentally Friendly Practice

Reusing old tiles is a sound, environmentally friendly habit. Marble tiles are very durable and could stay a long time in the landfill. To help reduce the amount of trash that goes into the landfill, you need to recycle and reuse these materials.

Saving and reusing your marble floors tiles is relatively easy. All you need to do is carefully remove the tiles from your floors, clean them up, and remove all the adhesives on its surface. You may use a marble cutter to cut off the damaged portions of the tiles. Broken tiles can be made into a decorate mosaic and used on walls and floors.