Advantages to Using a Belt Sander

hands using belt sander device

A belt sander is an electric device that uses a sandpaper belt to smooth materials like wood, metal, or plastic. Belt sanders can be stationary or portable and consist of a motor and two drums that roll out the sandpaper belt. There are several advantages to using belt sanders, some of which are described below.

Ease of Use

Belt sanders are easy to use and quickly provide a finishing touch to materials. When used properly, they can provide shape and smooth surfaces with minimal effort. When using a belt sander, it is important to hold the device straight, avoid tilts, and use minimal pressure. Because these devices are so aggressive, it is important to maintain control at all times. Belt sanders are indispensable to many carpenters because they can easily accomplish tasks that would otherwise take many hours to accomplish by hand.

Removal of Unwanted Surface Residue

Sometimes, there may be unwanted residue or paint on a surface. Using a belt sander to remove unwanted residue will uniformly remove the unwanted material and maintain the finish of the surface.

Fast Action

Belt sanders are very aggressive and can remove a lot of material from surfaces in very little time. People usually use them for the initial stages of sanding, where large amounts of material need to be removed in a short period of time.


Belt sanders can be handheld or stationary. Handheld sanders are usually used to sand floors or non-movable surfaces. Stationary sanders are mounted on workbenches and are known as bench sanders. Bench sanders are used to sand materials that you can bring close to the sander. Several types of belt sanders are available with a variety of options. For fine sanding, you can choose fine-grit sandpaper. If you want a rough overall operation, select coarse sandpaper. You can adjust a belt sander's power level to achieve desired results. Wide belt sanders are large devices that use wider sanding belts for rough sanding of large areas.

Wide Range of Use

Belt sanders are used in providing finishing touches to flooring, woodwork, and metal. They are used for time-consuming projects such as removing burrs and smoothing corners. You can use belt sanders to remove paint from surfaces, resurface and renovate old furniture and remove stains from wood. You can also use these devices to smooth corners and obtain round edges on furniture. Belt sanders are usually equipped with bags to collect the dust produced during sanding, thereby keeping the work area clean.

Suitable for Soft Metals

When you need sand soft metals, you can use belt sanders effectively because they do not get clogged as conventional pedestal grinders do.