Advantages to Using Plastic instead of Glass for Large Picture Frames

When it comes to hanging larger picture frames and even some smaller items, some interior design do-it-yourselfers are going with a different kind of material than the traditional glass. Plexiglass and forms of hard plastic can provide just as neat of a result with less fragility and risk. Here are some of the reasons to switch from glass to plastic.

Lighter Material

Think about those picture hanging tools you bought and what kind of weight they are rated for. Choosing a plastic front instead of glass for a frame can shave a few pounds off of the total weight for some hanging artwork.

Less Fragile

Plastic won’t break the way glass will. That means you won’t have to be as careful with the pieces in transit, or while hanging them—and if something does happen, you won’t have to worry about the risks from jagged pieces of glass lying everywhere.

Easier Cutting

Sometimes it’s hard to find a specialty shop for cutting glass to size. Plastic can be easier to cut, and therefore cheaper to work into a frame.

The above are some of the reasons that people might tend to favor plastic for the front of a framed art piece for hanging in the home.