Advice on Cleaning Porcelain Tile Advice on Cleaning Porcelain Tile

Cleaning porcelain tile is not difficult to do, but if you do not keep up with it, it can turn into a daunting task. Here are a few simple tips that can help you keep your porcelain tile looking great.


Sweeping your floors regularly will make a big difference when it is time to clean the porcelain tile. You can remove loose dirt and debris with minimal effort.


Keeping your porcelain tiles dry can also be a good way to make sure that they stay clean. Not only can wet tiles contribute to discoloration, but they also breed mildew and other bacteria. This is especially problematic for bathroom tiles so it is important to clean and mop them regularly.

Using the Right Tools

Some porcelain tiles are robust, while others are fragile. Make sure that you are using the appropriate products for your materials. Some say to vacuum before scrubbing, others say that vacuums are too abrasive. Other controversial products include bleach and colored scouring pads. If you are worried about damage while cleaning porcelain tile, start with gentile products and move to stronger ones if needed.

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