An aerator, or faucet aerator, is a small device that usually has a screen which attaches to the faucet at the point that the water comes out. Without an aerator, the water will come from the faucet in one rushing stream.

The aerator causes the water to be dispersed in many tiny droplets, this helps to conserve water and also, makes the water feel ‘softer’ and less harsh in the stream as it comes out.

Aerators are Simple to Install

Aerators are simple to install, requiring only to be screwed onto the faucet head. They conserve water and are good for the environment and count for water supply cost savings. Every hardware store has a variety of aerators, and most are universal.

The best way to change an aerator is to unscrew the one that is on the faucet, and bring it with you to the hardware store to find the correct replacement. Since sediment and dirt can build up in the aerator screen, it should be checked periodically. The aerator screen can be taken out of the aerator in order to clean it more easily.