Aerobic Septic System: Pros and Cons

An aerobic septic system is quite different from standard septic systems because they utilize aerobic bacteria, while standard septic systems use anaerobic bacteria.

Pros of Aerobic Septic Systems

  • The aerobic septic system requires very little space.
  • It also causes less groundwater pollution, which is an important factor for the septic system.
  • They come in a number of different designs.
  • This aerobic septic system can also be utilized when the standard septic system fails. There are a number of times when standard septic systems cannot be installed due to lack of space requirements.

Cons of Aerobic Septic Systems

  • The cost of the aerobic septic system is two to three times as much as the traditional septic tank. The cost is usually based on the location, size and the design of the system. They require more investment as well as more long-term maintenance.
  • If the system is neglected, then the treatment quality of the aerobic septic system is reduced.
  • If the temperature in the aerobic septic is too low, then it will lead to a decrease in the treatment quality of the system.
  • Many a times they fail due to being neglected because maintenance is too heavy a financial burden.