African Daisy Growing Mistakes You Can Avoid

Here are some common mistakes people make when growing an African daisy, and how to avoid making them yourself.

1.  Over Watering or Under Watering

The African daisy can thrive in dry conditions, so too much water can be detrimental. These plants are most susceptible to mold and disease when they are waterlogged or subjected to wet weather. If your African daisies are indoor potted plants, always keep the leaves dry and remove dead petals so mold will not grow. Also, be sure to give plants a small amount of water every few days to avoid the roots drying out. Outdoor plants will need watering if periods of drought are long and severe.

2.  Providing Improper Lighting

Though they do well in drought conditions, too much sun can be harmful to your African daisies. If conditions are extremely hot and sunny, be sure the African daisies are in an area where they can receive some shade in the afternoons. Indoor plants will thrive in spotty sunlight, or can be moved to the shade daily after receiving adequate sunlight.

3.  Ignoring Pest Problems

When a pest attack is spotted, failure to immediately treat your African daisies may result in plant death. Spray your hose on the plants to remove aphids or treat the plants with insecticidal soap. You may also purchase ladybugs to help consume the aphid population.