African Tribal Décor African Tribal Décor

Choosing to decorate your home in an African style means embracing traditional lifestyles that reflect the crafts and cultures of an ancient continent. From primitive tribal objects to elegant jeweled ornaments, there are many styles to incorporate and blend in your own décor. The following article offers design options with an African appeal that range from inexpensive to very rich - plus ideas for do-it-yourself projects that reflect African art from many countries.

From Morocco to Egypt, from Sierra Leone to South Africa - there are various styles and themes to revamp the décor of your entire home or a specific room. While this article goes room-by-room focusing on a different African sensibility, you can easily blend or interchange elements when designing your own plan. For a formal sitting or living room consider an Egyptian motif reflective of the age of pharaohs and pyramids. For draperies and furniture coverings, choose the highest quality Egyptian cotton and linen in Egyptian patterns. Even simple cheesecloth would suffice for window treatments to let in a considerable bit of light. When it comes to furniture, model a few chairs after royal thrones complete with lion's paw legs.

There are many Egyptian ornaments to choose from. Consider an Egyptian chess set with a glass pyramid dome, and floral inlays and molds for the arms and legs of furniture. If the room has a fireplace, choose to ornament the mantle with busts of Nefertiti, Ramses and Tut. You may even choose to commission an artist to paint a Nile scene on a fireplace screen or perhaps a wall. If your room has a trunk or side tables, obtain a reproduction piece of papyrus strewn with ancient Egyptian art and hieroglyphics; decoupage this right to the surface of your object. Finally, top off your ornamentation with any of the following: golden pyramidal paper weight, scarabs, Wadjet eyes, Bastet statues, relief panels showing pyramid builders, papyrus reeds in tall pottery vases, wine jars and drinking cups.

For a den or family room, consider a wide range of tribal décor. Choose ebony or dark wood furniture sporting black leather. For pillows, consider cheetah, leopard and zebra prints or striped tribal designs. A glossy wood floor is a nice touch with scattered animal skins for area rugs. On the walls, hang primitive farm implements, tools, weapons and masks. Your coffee table may be a large African drum with a glass top. Other ornaments might include soapstone bookends, pottery pieces, tribal musical instruments, wooden bowls and dried gourds, or any African relic you wish to display.

Your kitchen and dining area may incorporate an ancient hunter/gatherer theme incorporating earthenware bowls and plain pottery items. Your table might be a light wood strewn with straw mats that match the pattern on chairs. An abundance of basketry is an excellent option to showcase this simple décor. Use food in the design scheme - grains, vegetables and fruit. Even today, many Africans live in simple huts with straw mat doors - consider one for the entry between kitchen and dining room.

Consider a Moroccan style for the master bedroom. Moorish arches coupled with a low bed made sumptuous with silk and fabrics with Moroccan designs will go far to convey this place of romance. Bright colors paired with copper baubles and trinkets will add instant Moroccan appeal. Consider removing closet doors and using strung beads or fabric in their place. For the walls, consider many little trinkets and pictures; frame vintage postcards of cities like Marakesh and Casablanca or tiny mirrors with inlaid precious stones like lapis lazuli.

For other bedrooms, consider an animal theme involving the jungles of Africa. Transform the headboard of the bed into a scene straight out of the Congo. Again, stick with African textiles for the bedspread and pillows. Consider prints of African jungle scenes for the walls. This is also appealing décor for a child's room. A savannah motif featuring lions and gazelle is another option.

Finally, transform your bathroom into a desert oasis. To mame it feel cool and airy, choose light desert colors with hints of blue and green. A palm tree motif might be suitable and ornaments and fabrics will be easy to find. There are plenty of options to consider when incorporating African décor into your home. For more ideas, check out books about African cultures and art.

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