Air Compressor: Buy Or Rent?

Air compressors offer quite a lot in the way of versatility, they can power small tools, inflate car tires, or even your kid's football. Whether to buy one for your home, or to rent one as necessary is a question of "just how much air do you need?"

Smaller air compressors are good for minimal tasks around the house, but to have one that really makes sense to buy, you need to look at a 4-gallon tank style or larger, and if you are just doing a small job, it may be more cost efficient to rent one.

For example: You are going to assemble a bench, and the thought of driving in nail after nail with a hammer sounds like too much time, rent a compressor and a nail gun. You will be done before you know it! But, if you have ongoing projects, or more than one vehicle in your garage, buying a good compressor will save you money in the long run.

If you live in an apartment or condo, renting may be your best option. If you are in a more permanent residence that requires frequent repairs or home improvements, buying will probably be the best for you, as air compressors have hundreds of uses, from running that nail gun to pumping up a kid's toy.