Air Conditioning Condenser Air Conditioning Condenser

An air conditioning condenser is the main component of any central air conditioning system. The large unit that is placed on the outside of the home is the air conditioning condenser.

Inside the air conditioning condenser you will find coils, a condenser, a fan, and an electrical system. The unit will come completely assembled and pre charged with coolant.

What to Look For In an Air Conditioning Condenser

You will notice that the air conditioning condenser has a SEER marking. SEER is short for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. When looking for an air conditioning condenser, you want a higher SEER, the higher the SEER the less electricity the unit needs for operating.

All models of air conditioning condensers measure their cooling capacity in BTUs and SEER models with the same BTU will cool in the same manner, but the higher seer will just save you money.

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