Air Conditioner Filter Direction Based on Airflow

An AC unit.

An air conditioner filter is a vital part of the air conditioner system. Using an air conditioner filter that is not the right size will allow unfiltered air into the system and into your home or business. Also, not changing the filter regularly will cause a build-up of pollutants that can potentially ruin the system.

When the Air Conditioner Filter is Placed in the Wrong Direction

The air conditioner filter must be placed correctly and snuggly into the air conditioner unit if the system is to run and flow correctly. You must follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to find the correct filter for your system.

You will find arrows on the filter which will indicate the appropriate direction for placement. If the air conditioner filter is installed in the wrong direction, the airflow will be affected negatively and damage will be done to the system.

When the Air Conditioner Filter is Placed Correctly

If you follow the marked arrows on the filter and purchase the correct filter for your system, the air circulations will be smooth and clean. You will also notice the air conditioner filter fits snug and there are no leaks.

The filter and airflow of your air conditioner work together to create an efficient cooling system for your home so correct installation is important.