Air Conditioner Installation for Horizontally Moving Windows

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Air conditioning unit
Plexiglass (optional)

With all of the styles and kits available, air conditioning installation for a bedroom or other moderate sized rooms is a simple process that requires little skill and few tools. There are kits for both horizontally moving and vertically moving windows, so be certain that you’re getting the right kind for the way your windows move.

Step 1: Choose an Air Conditioning Unit

The air conditioning installation process is different for horizontally moving, or casement, windows than it is for vertically moving windows. However, air conditioning units are made specifically for horizontally moving windows and should be used instead of turning a regular air conditioning unit on its side. This can damage the air conditioning unit as well as the window casing.

Before you go shopping, measure the size of your window as well as consider the space you want to cool. You also want to figure out how much open space above your air conditioning unit will need to be filled. Most air conditioning units come with a slider frame and a plastic slider to cover the open space left by the unit. However, if your windows are very tall, you may need to purchase additional material like plexiglass to fully cover the open area.

Step 2: Air Conditioner Installation

Remove the air conditioning unit from the box and read the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully to be certain you are installing the unit in the correct way. For a smaller window size, the air conditioning unit usually fits snugly down into the window casing itself. Once you have the air conditioner in place up against the opposite side of the horizontally moving window, slide the window up against the air conditioning unit to hold it firmly in place.

Step 3: Fill the Gap

You will notice that there is a gaping opening above the air conditioning unit. Extend the plastic sliding filler that came with the air conditioning unit to cover the opening. The filler should slide all the way to the top of the window casing to keep the cool air from escaping. If your windows are extra tall, some manufacturers of window air conditioning units sell a high window kit that you can purchase as an extra. You can also create your own space filler out of plexiglass for extra tall windows so that you can still see out the window.

The most important aspect of air conditioning installation is to choose the proper air conditioning unit for your window and the size of your room. Horizontally moving windows require an air conditioning unit that fits into the window casement without damaging it. Horizontally moving windows also need some type of filler to fill the window opening left by the air conditioning unit.