Air Conditioner Installation Permits

If you are considering an air conditioner installation project, there are a variety of choices which you must make. First, you should decide the type of air conditioning system that will best suit your home or place of business. This will dictate when and how to install the system. Once you have made your selection, you may decide if you can complete the installation project on your own or if you will benefit from the help of a private contractor. Finally, it is important to remember to obtain any necessary permits for air conditioner installation in your city or state.

What is an Air Conditioner Installation Permit?

Although some types of air conditioners, like through-the-wall and window models, are easy to install, there are nevertheless a number of safety and electrical concerns during an air conditioner installation project. For this reason, many city and state governments require homeowners to obtain a permit before beginning the installation process.

The specifications of your air conditioner permit will vary depending upon your location and the type of air conditioner that you are installing. However, most cities have requirements in some or all of the following categories:

  • Installation location relative to the building
  • Electrical safety during and after installation
  • Drainage from the condenser portion of the unit
  • Noise production

Why is an Air Conditioner Installation Permit Required?

The primary concern during an air conditioner installation project is safety. Because air conditioners require rewiring of electrical cables, it is necessary that you follow the instructions for installation carefully. Specifically, it is generally required that you provide an electrical disconnect and an amp receptacle within a certain distance of the central air conditioner unit.

Some air conditioners produce a lot of noise or condensation waste. Most municipal governments require a permit in order to ensure that those elements are kept to a minimum, both during and after the installation process is complete.

How to Obtain an Air Conditioner Installation Permit

The method for obtaining an air conditioner installation permit in your city or state will vary depending upon the rules and requirements of your location. The type of permit may also vary according to the zoning district and type of building for which you are installing an air conditioning unit.

To learn more about the requirements for your city or state, consult a home improvement center or contact your local city hall. Some cities allow permits to be issued online, while others may require a fee. Additionally, it may be necessary to have your installation process inspected by a government official to ensure that you have followed the guidelines for installation properly.

Do not be discouraged by the prospect of having to obtain a permit in order to install your air conditioner. The permit application process is generally quite easy and inexpensive, and the purpose of requiring a permit is to ensure that you install your air conditioner safely and correctly.