Air Conditioner Repair: How to Eliminate the Buzz Sound

While many people get aggravated with annoying buzzing coming from the air conditioner during the hot summer, here are ways to stop that buzzing with simple air conditioner repair:
Things you may need:

  •      Water hose
  •      Screwdriver
  •      Spray nozzle
  •      New Filters

Step 1- Remove It

The first step to making the air conditioner silent again is removing it from the window, and tightening any screws that may be loose. Remove the cover.

Step 2- Cleaning

Now that the air conditioner unit is removed from the window, clean out the drain tray that has built up inside it. This may be the sole reason for your air conditioner being loud. Let the air conditioner to completely dry.

Step 3- Change the Filters

Even if the dirt was the main reason for the buzzing, it is still a good idea to change the filter if it  hasn’t been changed in a while. The air being blown into the house can smell horrible if there is a dirty filter in your air conditioning unit. Make sure that the filter is tightly in place, so it doesn’t rattle. Rattling filters is the second most common reason for noise.

Step 4- Replacing the Cover

Now it is time to replace the cover. Most air conditioning units have covers that just snap on and off. Snap the cover in place, and enjoy your once again silent air conditioner.