Air Duct Cleaning Equipment that Works Well

Air duct cleaning equipment is something that is fairly new to the market. There are several different types and we will introduce you to them and tell you how they work.

Compressed Air Extractors

These type of air duct cleaners work similar to your vacuum cleaner except with a lot more vacuum and more static pressure to make the most of the length the hose must travel in order to reach all the duct work. They have multiple filters in an enclosed unit to contain any dust and debris sucked out of the vents. The proper filtration will capture any particles going into the unit so they will not be released back into your home. These units also run off single phase power which makes them usable anywhere.

Rotary Brush Units

These units work like a remote power brush on a vacuum cleaner. A long flexible cable is affixed to to a metal head with a number of brushes like a spiral or continuous rows. They should fit the duct work snugly in order to brush out all the dirt and sticking debris. A single phase power motor sends power through the cable causing the brush to rotate. The flexibility of the cable makes it easy for the brush to get all the turns and twists to clean properly