Air Hammers Air Hammers

Air hammers use highly pressurized air delivered from a compressor to strike the desired object into the intended area. The compressed air is delivered from a portable tank and travels through reinforced tubing to reach the hammer. The air hammers are ideally suited for shaping and smoothing operations.   Air hammers strike the object surface many thousand times in a second and therefore are very quick in achieving the desired design objective. There are different types of air hammers that can be bought according to your needs.

The largest air hammers are the size of an average desktop. The air hammers permit the user to mold a metal object in a matter of a few minutes. Performing the same task by hand would usually take a couple of hours!

Tips for Selecting Air Hammers:

  • When you buy an air hammer look for a good selection of hammer tips that are provided along with the model that you are planning to buy.
  • Find out the maximum workload pressure that is supported by that particular model. See whether the maximum pressure is suited to your DIY tasks.
  •  Air hammers depend on the size of the air inlet for their working efficiency, so pay attention to this variable while buying an air hammer.


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