Locating Air Leaks 3 - Materials Checklist Locating Air Leaks 3 - Materials Checklist

  • Batt or roll of unfaced fiberglass insulation and large garbage bags (for stuffing open stud cavities behind kneewalls and in dropped soffits).
  • Roll of reflective foil insulation or other blocking material such as drywall or pieces of rigid foam insulation to cover soffits, open walls, and larger holes.
  • Silicone or acrylic latex caulk & caulk gun for sealing small holes (1/4 inch or less).
  • Several cans of expanding spray foam insulation for filling larger gaps (1/4 inch to 3 inches).
  • Special high-temperature silicone caulk to seal around flues and chimneys.
  • Roll of 14-in. wide aluminum flashing to keep insulation away from flue pipe.
  • Retractable utility knife and sheet metal scissors.
  • Tape measure and staple gun or hammer and nails to hold covering materials in place.
  • Safety glasses, gloves and dust mask (for insulation work as well).
  • Flashlight or portable safety light .
  • Boards to walk on if needed.
  • Large bucket to haul materials with.

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