Airy and Open Bedroom Airy and Open Bedroom

Let the sun shine in! That is what this bedroom seems to be singing out to visitors. For our Room of the Month, we've chosen to analyze this open and airy bedroom, using the Sheffield School of Interior Design Guidelines: function, mood and harmony.

Because this bedroom is so large, it can serve more than one function. In this case, the designer has chosen to use the bedroom as both a place for sleeping and as a sitting room. You can see in the far rear of the photograph that two white chairs have been placed side by side, to allow for a comfortable conversation area. Between the chairs sits a small wooden table, for holding a drink or a book.

In the foreground, you can see the king-sized bed, offering a super-comfortable place for sleeping, with functional end tables on either side of the bed, so that both people have a lamp and a place for a book. All of this functionality helps the design of this room conform to our first interior decorating guideline.

Another interior decorating guideline is the mood of the room. The mood here is obviously bright and open. It's also elegantly casual. The rough wood of the trim on the windows and doors, the wood headboard and chunky blanket chest all give the room the feel of a mountain lodge, and we can just see out the windows enough to see that indeed, this house is set in the mountains.

However, this country feeling is counter-balanced by the elegance of the preponderance of white in the room. The long white drapes, the white comforter and pillow shams, all bring in a feeling that's more formal.

The only thing we'd add in that area would be a coffee table; the room has plenty of space for one, and would complete the look of that area.

However, the whole room harmonizes beautifully, (the last of Sheffield School's interior decorating guidelines) because the color tones in the all the wooden pieces are the same; a mahogany piece here would throw the harmony off, but as it is, the wood species and colors are similar enough so that nothing disrupts the unity of the line and color in this room.

It may seem easy at first to get whites to harmonize, but in actuality they can vary a good deal. Here, attention has been paid to the tones of the whites, so that the comforter harmonizes with the curtains and with the chairs. The carpet is also white, but with a touch of beige blended in, making it just different enough from the other whites that dominate the room.

Finally, all that white allows the eye to be drawn to the true focal point of this room, the view out the windows. When you have a striking view like this, you want to allow it to be the room's main attention-grabber.

This room really sings, and it allows the view to sing as well.

Reprinted with permission from the Sheffield School of Interior Design.

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