Alarm Monitoring

While a home security system is designed to deter intruders by sounding an alarm when a zone has been breached, alarm monitoring allows a security system to be so much more. Purchasing and installing a hardwired or wireless home security system is but the first step in total home protection. Empowering an alarm monitoring agency to look after your home ensures the highest level of security, timely response to alerts and quick dispatch of the proper authorities. Using the latest security technology, alarm monitoring facilities provide full-spectrum support with regards to your home alarm setup.

What an Alarm Monitoring Station Does

Security system monitoring is provided by various private businesses. With a home security system in place, having a centrally-located monitor on the other end ensures timely response in the event of a break-in. Numerous other services are provided as well. Monitoring stations are equipped to log opening and closing times for businesses, monitor environmental systems such as boilers, refrigeration alarms and temperature levels. Test reporting is another function of alarm monitoring, useful for periodically checking the functionality of an alarm system.

Monitoring Methods

Alarm monitoring is accomplished through a variety of communication methods. These include video, Internet, radio/GSM and mobile access monitoring. Fire and emergency medical monitoring are other aspects of the field.

Many alarm systems come equipped with a 2-way voice system. This allows you to speak directly with the operator during a false alarm or a break-in. If you are present in the home, operators maintain constant contact with you to reduce the level of panic until help arrives. In addition, operators warn intruders that the authorities are on their way.

System Compatibility

All wireless and wired home alarm systems are compatible for coordination with an alarm monitoring service, although not all systems offer the same technological features such as VoIP, mobile or ethernet support. Check your system to determine the kind of communication that is possible with an alarm monitoring service then set about finding the most attentive agency for your needs.