Alarm Monitoring System

An alarm monitoring system is a reliable extension of your home wireless or hardwired alarm setup designed to provide offsite home security support and to dispatch the proper authorities. Available 24/7, alarm monitoring systems utilize a number of different technologies when monitoring home alarm systems. Whether to reduce false alarms, deter intruders or to provide a measure of fire and burglar safety, alarm monitoring systems help make a full-spectrum home security system even better.

Benefits of Alarm Monitoring

Linking your home alarm with a monitoring agency has many benefits. Take advantage of the full range of technological options in order to apply the fastest, most effective monitoring methods to your home.

An alarm monitoring system can keep watch over your property using video, Internet, radio/GSM or through mobile access. Two-way voice systems enable you to speak directly with the monitoring station after or during a break-in. Emergency medical or fire situations are also overseen by an alarm monitoring system.

Optional Features

Depending on the alarm system you have installed, a variety of features may be available to you including VoIP support for guaranteed, tamper-resistant communication. Whichever method of communication is utilized by your home security alarm, a monitoring system provides not only instant support, but their operators can help to reduce panic by remaining in constant contact with you until help arrives on the scene.