Algae Battle: Pond UV Light Vs. Barley Straw

turtle pond with uv light

Pond UV light and barley straw are two ways to control the growth of algae in garden ponds. Algae is susceptible to grow in any pond despite the use of many aquatic plants. The single cell algae and the string algae are two main types of algae that start growing over a period of time and rob the pond of its beauty.

Pond UV Light

The pond ultraviolet light is one of the best ways to curb the growth of algae and rid your pond of the green color caused by it. The UV rays act best on single celled algae or suspended algae. They cannot effectively remove the string algae. The ultraviolet rays from these lights destroy the DNA structure of the algae that are found suspended in water. This makes their eradication an easy job. In addition to destroying these algae, the UV light can also destroy some bacteria and other micro organisms in the water, making it look crystal clear.

Barley Straw

Barley straw is used to curb the growth of string or filamentous algae which cannot be destroyed using UV lights. This also helps rid the pond of any kind of stench and makes water sparkle. Barley straw should be bundled loosely and placed in a netting to allow water to pass through it. The byproducts of the straw, which are needed to curb the growth of algae, are released as it decomposes in water.

The pond UV lights and barley straw are considered safe for the aquatic plants and animals and can be used without any second thoughts.