All About Air Conditioner Filters All About Air Conditioner Filters

An air conditioner filter is one of the most important parts of your conditioning system. Without an appropriate and clean filter, your air conditioner's efficiency will diminish quickly. Furthermore, a worn out filter can cause your air conditioning system to emit dirty air that may be damaging to your health. As such, it is crucial that you replace your air conditioner filter periodically, according to the instructions by the manufacturer of your particular system. Continue reading for more basic information about air conditioner filters.

The Purpose of an Air Conditioner Filter

While an air conditioner regulates the temperature of a room, the air conditioner filter in particular does not contribute to that process. Rather, an air conditioner filter works to keep the other components of the conditioner system clean and free of particulate matter that exists in the air. As dust and other air particles pass through an air conditioning system they tend to clog up the blower, evaporating apparatus, and other parts of the system.

The air conditioner filter acts to collect these particles before they can interrupt the remaining air conditioner component pieces. Once the filter becomes worn out or clogged with debris, it loses its effectiveness and can no longer adequately protect the other parts of the air conditioner from particulate matter.

Why Replace an Air Conditioner Filter?

A dirty or compromised air conditioner filter can have a variety of negative effects on your air conditioning system as a whole. The primary effect is a decrease in overall efficiency and cooling capability. Pay attention to the rate at which your air conditioner cools your home. If your conditioner system seems to be working slowly or is not adequately cooling your air, you may need to replace your air conditioner filter.

A worn out air conditioner filter can also decrease the overall life expectancy of your air conditioner system. On top of this, your air conditioner may not be able to filter out harmful allergens and dust that can contribute to allergies and other respiratory conditions. If you or someone in your home is sensitive to air-borne allergens, check your filter periodically to best protect against allergies.

Replace an Air Conditioner Filter Regularly

To keep your air conditioning system running smoothly and effectively, prepare to replace your home system filter every 2 to 3 months. Depending upon the air quality in your home and the amount of time that you run the system, this time may fluctuate. A business that runs the air conditioning around the clock may need to replace the filters every few weeks.

Check on the filter in your air conditioning system periodically, and replace a filter that is dirty or broken to best care for your air conditioning system. For further information on when and how to replace an air conditioning filter, consult with a home improvement center or the air conditioner manufacturer for your system.


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