All About Composite Bathroom Countertops

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Composite material for bathroom countertops is a very popular alternative to natural stone or granite. Composite bathroom countertops are now a preferred option by designers and architects because of their versatility at a competitive price.

Composite is a man-made, solid material that is a mixture of natural minerals and pigments. It is bound together by acrylic to make a stone-like product. It is a high-quality plastic. Some are predominantly acrylic, while others contain polyester plastic.

When choosing a composite bathroom countertop, inspect the specification sheets for the product's composition. Those with a high acrylic plastic composition are advisable picks.

Quality and Function

Composite material is durable and impact resistant. Because it is non-porous, it does not absorb water or moisture. There is no need to worry about water infiltration, damage, and decay.

Composite bathroom countertops are also easy to maintain and repair. Typical solid surface cleaners can be used to remove common stains. Scratches can be removed by buffing or sanding. You can also refinish the surface to achieve either a matte or glossy texture.

A disadvantage is that this kind of material can get damaged with excessive, concentrated contact with extremely high temperatures.

Design and Versatility

Because composite is a high quality plastic, it can be formed into countless shapes for bathroom countertops. That allows for multiple countertop edge profile options. This flexibility also makes it a good complement to other bathroom features.

Among its remarkable qualities is its ability to merge seamlessly with other bathroom components, like your sink and your wall. The material prevents even the tiniest gap where water can pass.

Since it's completely solid, the design is consistent throughout the material; furthermore, it has the widest variety of patterns, colors, and textures from which to choose. Composite bathroom countertops mimic the appearance of natural stones, wood grains, and other contemporary patterns and textures. If you are a meticulous designer, you have an array of designs available, complementing or accentuating virtually any bathroom interior.

Choosing a Product

Because of the numerous choices, you might find it difficult to decide which will suit your bathroom needs. Consider these guidelines when canvassing different composite bathroom countertops.

Know your budget and work around it. Opt for the higher quality composites with more acrylic in their composition. Complement your bathroom motif and design, and canvass stores for the most competitive price.