All about Dual Pane Windows

Dual pane windows have replaced the older versions of windows because of their energy efficiency. These windows work much better to insulate the home and keep the heat from escaping through single window pane.

Basic Construction

A dual pane window is constructed in the way that it gets its name. There are two panes of windows that are separated by a small vacuum of air. The frames are generally constructed with wood, vinyl, or fiberglass material for enhanced insulation and better performance. 

Insulative Properties

Dual pane windows have inert gasses that are pumped into the vacuum between the two panes of glass. This gas works to keep the heat from escaping as well as keep the heat from invading the home in the summer. 

Gases Used

The inert gases that work to keep the heat from escaping the home can be carbon dioxide, argon, or krypton. This gas forms a barrier that keeps heat inside and repels it from the window. 

Reflective Properties

Many double pane windows that are manufactured today have low emissivity coatings on the glass that will reflect heat away from the window. This low-E layer is a microscopic film of metal oxide that works to keep the home warm in the winter, and reflecting the sun's rays away in the summer.