All About Engineered Siding All About Engineered Siding

Whatever brand name they have, engineered siding products are all advertised to be better than a siding that is made from real wood. Such sidings are engineered to be without faults and are made to be resistant to deterioration. Engineered siding also gives more value for your money and is easy to install and maintain. Engineered siding is manufactured to look like real wood by embossing its surface with a rough grain. Wood strands can be used in manufacturing which is coated with a resin binder before being pressed to a material that has great strength. Engineered siding is also chemically treated to guard against termite infestations and rot.

Affordability of the Material

The affordability of a construction material is determined by its purchasing price, maintenance and installation expenses. If you take the costs involved with engineered siding, you will arrive at a figure that is only half the price of actual wood materials.  Engineered siding can be purchased in 16 foot spans that you can be primed at the factory. This allows you to save a lot of cash and the construction will not take as long.

Why Choose Engineered Siding

By installing engineered siding, you will spend no time on maintenance and the frequency of painting it is less since paint will stay on its surface 3 times longer than on real wood. Engineered siding is easy to clean so you do not have to spend a lot of time and money on regular cleanups. And because the product can often be bought with durability warranties from its manufacturers, you will have an assurance that the money which should have gone into cleaning and maintenance can be spent on other things. The product is so durable that manufacturers feel safe to offer years of full warranties on replacement and labor. Engineered siding is also lighter than real wood and has features that will make installation fast and easy. A variety of options for finishes are available so there is less labor time needed on the installation.

Engineered Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding products have been available for decades and were once manufactured with asbestos. Modern fiber cement sidings are made from a mixture of wood fibers, cellulose, Portland cement and sand. Its surface can be embossed or smooth and it can be formed into a number of patterns for a siding. Low moisture is assured on the product with the use of a special curing procedure, thus making the siding more resistant to warping and better at holding paint. Durability is the key attraction for the material. It can resist insects, rotting and the extreme weather conditions. Manufacturers of fiber cement sidings also advertise their products to be resistant to fire making it suitable for those leaving on wildfire areas. Such a siding can be installed in the same way as wood siding and can be bought in the same dimensions as real wood. You will find the material harder to cut though and its makers advise that protective masks and goggles be worn at all times to protect against the harmful dust from cutting.


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