All About Flounder Fish All About Flounder Fish

Flounder fish are interesting fish that most people know little about. While they aren't necessarily the more popular or expensive fish on the menu, they are readily available in most markets.

Flounders live in cold ocean water, primarily the northern Atlantic and Pacific. They are also bottom dwellers where they wait to prey upon crustaceans and spawn.

Flounder have an odd appearance with both of their eyes on the same side of their body. When born, their eyes are on each side of their brain but migrate to one side. This is primarily a hunting and defense mechanism since they are bottom dwellers and lay in wait for food. They also stay on the bottom to avoid larger fish that are predators.

Their coloring also allows them safety on the bottom. It is a mottled look that looks a great deal like sand and pebbles and allows them to hide in muddy sandy and rocky areas. When they lay among coral around docks and piers they are almost impossible to detect.

Flounder typically grow between 5 and 15 inches long with their width being about half their length. They have been caught in lengths as large as 28 inches.

Atlantic Flounder is currently on the list of non sustainable fish that you may want to avoid.

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