All about Insulated Doors All about Insulated Doors

Insulated doors are a perfect solution to keep the warm or cold air outside your home out, and the air inside, inside. The quality of your door effects your utility bill, if your doors are not properly insulated you will spend more of your money trying to heat your home in the winter, because the warm air in your home will constantly be escaping through the doors in your home.

The garage door is typically the largest opening in your home, so it is important that it is properly insulated. Insulated doors are highly recommended for the garage.

Different Insulations

One type of insulation is called Polyurethane-in-place insulation. This type has R-values ranging from 11-8. Polyurethane insulation delivers twice the thermal performance of polystyrene insulation of the same thickness! This also adds strength and rigidity to the insulated doors panels and helps dampen sound transmission.

Another type of insulation is expanded polystyrene insulation; this type offers good thermal performance with an R-value less than 6. Polystyrene insulation is rigid panels placed inside the door sections at time of manufacturing.

Bottom Weather Seal

The bottom weather seal blocks drafts and helps save energy. It is great to have in addition to just insulation, it will help keep the bad weather outside even in extreme conditions for your insulated doors.

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