All About Neo Gothic Furniture

Neo Gothic furniture has grown in popularity over the last few years with no signs of slowing down. The term "Neo Gothic" literally means new Gothic; or Gothic revival. Neo Gothic furniture resembles many pieces that were popular in the Middle Ages. Buildings that resemble this period would include Palace Westminster or Notre Dame's Cathedral. Neo Gothic creates a somber and spooky feeling. 

The Time Period

Neo Gothic is a revival of furniture styles that were made popular in England during the 1740s. The popularity of the style grew during the 19th century as people of the time enjoyed the contrasting styles of medieval design and the classic styles of the day. In the center of this revival was a deep philosophical movement, which was associated with the Anglo-Catholic Church. As more buildings were built there was a need to have complimentary furniture. The styles of the buildings were then incorporated into the furniture designs to better create and accentuate the Neo Gothic feel. The Neo Gothic style was starting to be associated with politics and religion. Neo Gothic furniture, over time, started to be associated with monarchism as the style was used to rebuild London's Palace of Westminster.

Spotting Neo Gothic

Just because something is old does not make it Neo Gothic. There are certain traits and characteristics that make certain pieces of furniture stand out as Neo Gothic. Wooden pieces in this period were stained to be very dark and made of thick and heavy wood. Very seldom would wooden pieces be overly adorned as that was saved for metal furniture. There are some very specific features that make a piece of furniture classified as Neo Gothic and these include: spires, sharp edges, arches and rounded corners, buttresses, sad-eyed Angels and Saints and a dark color.

Why is Neo Gothic Furniture Popular

In today's terms the style of Neo Gothic is more used to show off an attitude or to create a certain style. For this reason the Neo Gothic style is very popular among two fringe groups in particular: EMO and Goth. These groups are often seen brooding about in the dark and wearing dark clothing. A traditional, if disputed, view of the Middle Ages is that it was a regressive, oppressive period of history. The furniture was created to enhance as well as beautify this period of time. Those in these fringe groups purchase this style of furniture because it is dark and moody. It creates an ominous feel wherever you put it. Others enjoy the style because it is classic, simple, and complex in its over all design scheme.

Finding Neo Gothic Furniture

Authentic furniture from the Middle Ages is costly and reproduction styles from the revival period are expensive as well. But thanks to the popularity of the Neo Gothic style, you can find reasonably priced pieces in many chain department stores, on the Internet, and at Renaissance Faires across the country.