All about Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental fencing adds beauty to a yard and to the home itself. Traditional ornamental fences were made using wrought iron. However, modern ornamental fencing can be designed using other types of materials such as wood, aluminum and steel. Fences do not only offer security to a home, they also can be added to enhance the overall view of the landscape or the yard. Although most people love to have a secure home, not everyone loves to have a high wall surrounding the whole residence. That is one reason why most modern homeowners go for fencing instead of high protective walls.

Traditional Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron is traditionally used for ornamental fencing because of the beauty of its design. It is a good choice for those who want to have durable fences surrounding the whole yard. The only downside of the material is its price. Wrought iron is as expensive as it is beautiful. Nonetheless, the investment is worth the money. Wrought iron fences not only increase the value of a home, they also last for a very long period of time.

Natural Wood Fences

Although not as durable as wrought iron, wooden fences compensate that with decorative quality. Nothing looks more natural on a yard or landscape than a wooden fence. Wood offers home owners a more environmental feel on the yard. It blends perfectly on the surroundings and gives an excellent decorative value. Wood has been used for centuries even by the most primitive of people. Wood can be carved to form many intricate designs that will blend with the surroundings. Nonetheless, wooden fences are less durable, decay much faster, and are not immune to the ill effects of fire and water. But for people wanting to prioritize more on the ornamental quality rather than the durability of a fence, it is worth an investment as well.

Aluminum Fences

For people who want to ornamental fencing to be a bit less expensive, aluminum fences offer an alternative. Aluminum is a softer metal compared to wrought iron. When it comes to durability, wrought iron still lasts longer. However, the improvements in aluminum alloys made possible the creation of aluminum fences that can last for years and years. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and is pest-proof unlike wood. The problem with wrought iron and wood is the expensive pricing. Although aluminum is not as decorative as wood or as durable as wrought iron, it does provide a cost-effective alternative to ornamental fencing. Aluminum can be shaped into different shapes, painted with different colors, and assembled into various ornamental designs.

Ornamental Fencing Accessories and Gates

Gates and fence finials add ornamental quality to fences. Gates are usually made out of the same material used in the fence, but they can also be made out of other ornamental materials such as copper. Fence finials are the attractive tops seen on fence posts. Some finials are designed to have geometric patterns, some use angular or pointed patterns forming a sort of a spear-like appearance.