All About Outdoor Bamboo Shades

Outdoor bamboo shades are a great way of reducing the amount of direct sunlight and heat that enters a room, or to provide shade to an outdoor area. Besides they are pleasing to the eye while being environmentally friendly.


Bamboo shades are among the most popular types of shades used for protection against sunlight and for privacy purposes. They are used especially in the hot summer months and more specifically for those rooms which face direct sunlight and thus require a shade to protect the furniture and other items in the room. This will reduce fading and also prevent curtains and other upholstery to lose color. Bamboo shades are also used in gardens, yards, verandas, terraces and patios so as to provide a nice shady area while enjoying the fresh air outside. They also help to reduce the heat at peak times of the day. Bamboo shades are also popular for use in conservatories and sun rooms. Another good thing with bamboo shades is that they allow air to flow through them more easily than other types of shades.

Decorative Aspects

Since bamboo is a natural material it helps to provide a nice effect especially in country and rustic styled homes. Bamboo can also give a tropical type of ambiance. Bamboo shades have a nice texture and an earthy tone which complements with most furniture, and with the outdoor surroundings. Bamboo furniture such as screens, recliners, lamp holders and gazebos can also be found to complement the shades. When considering variety, bamboo blinds cannot be overly customizable since this is only possible with regards to size, style and slightly in the color. Being a type of wood, bamboo is mostly similar in color, only a slight difference in shade can be observed when compared to each other. Although colored bamboo shades can also be found on the market, one has to keep in mind that it can easily fade over time and may eventually look rather unsightly. When taking into account different styles basically one can choose between the vertical types of bamboo shades, or the roman bamboo shades.

Environmentally Friendly

Undoubtedly bamboo shades are environmentally friendly due to the fact that bamboo grows relatively quickly and the same plant will regenerate after being harvested.

Easy to Clean

Bamboo blinds are relatively easy to clean. It is usually enough to wipe them regularly with a damp cloth.


Needless to be said, bamboo shades are not overly durable and hard-wearing. They can be used for several years without the need for replacement if they are handled with care. However, if not, they can easily crack or chip as after all they are a type of wood which is not so robust.


Bamboo shades are relatively cheap when compared with other types of shades. They can be bought ready made or else ordered according to the dimensions you require. Keep in mind that if the bamboo shades are going to be hung outdoors they will be exposed to water, so it is best to purchase high quality shades.

Consider all these factors before purchasing bamboo shades so as to better evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.