All About Solar Water Fountains

If you want to be eco-friendly and still enjoy the beauty of a water fountain, then consider adding solar water fountains to your landscaping. These fountains are becoming more popular every day, and there are many choices available. Enjoying the outdoors with a peaceful solar water fountain trickling in the background is a great way to relax while still being environmentally friendly.

How Does a Solar Fountain Operate?

Each solar water fountain runs on pure solar energy, by use of a solar panel. Most solar fountains come equipped with a built-in solar panel. You can also get a style that has a detached solar panel; these kinds can be placed in the shade so long as the actual solar panel is receiving direct sunlight.

No Electricity Needed

It can be difficult to find the perfect place in your yard or garden for a fountain, only to realize the closest electrical outlet is fifty feet away. You can choose a new place for your fountain, choose to have an ugly and dangerous cord running through your garden, or you can simply choose a solar powered water fountain. These fountains run directly from the power of the sun, and you can place them anywhere they will receive sunlight

No Plumbing Needed

Solar fountains do not require any plumbing, which is a definite cost saver. They are equipped with a re-circulating water pump to keep the water moving without any hassle or maintenance.

Benefits of a Solar Fountain

If you are looking to help the environment the biggest benefit is reducing electricity. This is also a large money saver for those interested in pinching pennies. The lack of a plumbing system is also a huge benefit when in it comes to maintenance and repair.

Another benefit of a solar fountain is the ability to place it anywhere throughout your yard. If you have a predominantly sunny area, you can feel at ease to know the built-in solar panel will funnel the energy needed directly to your fountain. If you have a shady area you can rely on a detached solar panel to circulate the water needed for your fountain.

Drawbacks of a Solar Fountain

Solar power means you need energy directly from the sun, so on cloudy days and at night, you will not be able to enjoy your fountain. However, many fountains are equipped with a battery back-up system if you want to run them without the sun’s power.

Another drawback is placement of the solar fountain. You will need to make sure you have a sunny area for your fountain if you choose a fountain with a built-in solar panel. If you want to put your solar water fountain in a shady area, you will need to use a detached solar panel. This type of solar fountain requires you to deal with a cord to direct the solar energy from the panel to your fountain.