All about Steel Fencing All about Steel Fencing

Steel fencing is available in different forms, and which you choose depends on how you plan to use it. You can even buy stainless steel fencing, which might be necessary if you live in areas where your fence is exposed to specific natural elements, like salt water, that will corrode other fencing materials over time. Although steel doesn't come to mind when you think of elegant landscapes, ornamental steel fencing is a popular option for property owners who want to add style to the outdoors.

Types of Steel Fencing

Steel fencing is often called other names. You wouldn't ask a store clerk at a home improvement store for steel fencing. You would ask for the type of fence, such as:

  • Chain link fence
  • Ornamental steel fence
  • Stainless steel wire fence
  • Wire mesh fence
  • Galvanized steel fence

Each of these have specific uses, so it's important to determine the primary reason for buying steel fencing in order to pick the right one to install.

Typical Uses of Steel Fencing

Steel fencing is used in variety of ways, and it often depends on the kind of property you own. Some of the uses include:

  • Lock out people from entering your property
  • Contain livestock so that they don't wander off
  • Keep children and others from entering a pool without supervision
  • Indicate your property lines with a visual barrier
  • Keep children inside property boundaries
  • Prevent pets from escaping your property
  • Decorate your Landscape
  • Keep wildlife and other stray animals off your land

Whether it's for style or function, steel fencing is versatile and durable, and can meet almost any of your fencing needs. Consider getting steel fencing in a color that matches your house if you're using it for decorative purposes.

Benefits of Steel Fencing

Steel is more expensive than some other types of fencing material, and it's even more expensive to buy stainless steel fencing. The benefits do make paying higher costs worthwhile, such as:

  • Strong material that won't collapse easily
  • Doesn't corrode
  • No warping, like wood fences
  • Very durable

You'll have to repaint or replace some of the other types of fencing, such as wood, more often, and you could end up paying much more in the long run for a cheaper fence. If you're using steel fencing to enclose your pool, make sure that the coating used is rust resistant. One options is vinyl coating that is weather resistant.

Steel Fencing Installation

You can buy a fencing kit that contains what you need to install the fencing. That's the easiest way to handle installation. You can also order rolls of wire or buy panels and install them. You want to consider the height of your fence, according to how you plan to use it. Ornamental fences are short in height because you're not going to use it as a barrier. A chain link fence on the other hand should be between 36 and 72 inches tall. Zoning laws affect how tall your fence can be, so be sure to check what those are first.

When you buy and install steel fencing, you're buying a product that will last you a long time. That's why it costs so much, and you have to decide the best use you can get out of it for the money you spend.

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