All about the Garage Torsion Spring All about the Garage Torsion Spring

A torsion spring responds in opposition to twisting action. It twists depending on the amount of force applied. On the garage door, it enhances the system that opens and closes the entrance. Some factors, though, reduce the efficiency of these parts:

Constant Use of the Door

If the users open the garage door frequently, this pressure will affect the mechanism that allows efficiency. The result is reduced tension and the door will not be firm.

Lack of Maintenance

Just like any other gadget, it requires maintenance to help it last for at least three to seven years. The torsion spring should be checked on a regular basis and tightened if the tension is reduced. Painting the door will also add a new weight to the torsion spring. This will make it feeble. When any paint job is done, these parts need to be adjusted to support the new weight.

The Torsion Spring Repair Strategy

The replacement piece should be similar to the previous one for compatibility. Sometimes, the repair work may require professional help to unwind the torsion springs and fix the new ones. This might involve adjusting the pieces to give them even or equal tension. Lubricating these parts can also go a long way in increasing their efficiency.

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