All About Trellis Panels All About Trellis Panels

While you might think of trellis panels as a relatively specialized garden decoration, the truth is that you can accomplish a wide variety of goals with a few well placed panels. If you want the functionality of a fence, but with more options for customization and creativity, a multi-section trellis will do the job much better than an ordinary fence. However, one or more panels of a trellis will do the job even if all you want to do is display plants.


Trellis fence panels come in standardized sizes, to make them easier to work into an existing setup. Because trellis panels are almost universally 6 feet wide, it is quite easy to use them as sections of your fence, which will almost certainly have sections that are 6 feet wide as well. However, trellis fence panels come in many different heights. In fact, they can be as short as 1 foot, or as tall as 6 feet. Shorter trellis fence panels are usually for an entirely decorative purpose, and are generally used as a decorative and symbolic separator. However, many people use short trellis panels on top of their existing fence as a decoration. Taller trellis panels can be used either as a fence, or as a garden divider. Because of their height, there is no reason to not use a trellis for privacy if you are so inclined.


In addition to varying in size, trellises also vary in style. When choosing between different trellis panels, you will need to decide what type of lattice is your favorite. Different lattice styles, such as timber lathes or diamond lattice, will provide you with both a different appearance and function. Aside from the visual aspect, different styles will also regulate how much visibility your trellis panels are able to block. If you want to use your trellis as a fence, you may want to have a very tight pattern with few openings. However, a decorative pattern might be best for a trellis that you are buying to display climbing plants.

You will have to choose a frame shape. Many trellises are simple rectangles that serve to separate areas in a garden. However, many others have much more decorative frames, particularly the tops, as they can be shaped into arches or patterns. These trellises make great decorations, either on their own or combined with a fence or second, rectangular trellis.

Possible Uses

There are plenty of projects you can use a trellis to accomplish. First, the main purpose of trellises is giving climbing plants a place to grow. If you want to display sweet peas, climbing roses, passionflower, or other climbing flowers, a trellis is the best way to do it. Doing this simply involves setting aside space in your garden to stake a trellis into the ground and growing your plants beneath it.

However, you may also want to use a trellis in a more functional way. Whether you are interested in having a trellis provide privacy, or simply divide your garden into sections, a tall, relatively solid trellis can serve your purposes quite well.

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